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Tank Stars – Multiplayer tank game for Android

Now a days there are plenty of mobile gaming app genres that enrich you with different challenges, entertainment and pleasure. Of them the one of the most popular mobile gaming genres is strategic gameplays. Here is one such outstanding battle gaming app full of challenges and strategies, Tank Stars. If you want to enjoy the thrill of 2-D tank battles then this is for you.

What is Tank Stars?

Tank Stars is an Android mobile gaming app full of challenges and strategies. Play this wonderful tank battle game in your mobile too whenever you want online or offline. The game is very easy to play and it is very entertaining too. The intuitive controls of the gameplay will surely make you addicted to the game. So, try this wonderful battle game on your Android too now.

Features of Tank Stars

1.     Controlling is easy

This is one of the most standout features regarding the app Tank Stars. There is only one button. Use this button to aim at your enemies. If you are quick then you are the winner. The game is designed in a simple way so that each and every one of us can enjoy this wonderful gameplay smoothly without any stresses.

2.     Use any weapon you like

The app is loaded with different types of weapons with unique abilities. You can choose the best weapons out of many and make your tank fierier. If you are wise enough the perfect weapons combinations can bring down your enemies very easily and strategically.

3.     Customize your tank

Tank Stars also let you customize your tank the way you prefer. Personalize your tank by choosing the preferred tank model, tank color and many other features the way you want them to be. This surely will lead to you develop a sense of ownership about your newly designed tank.

4.     Play with your friends

Tank Stars gameplay definitely let you have fun with your friends. Whenever you are bored play this wonderful game with your friends. The multiplayer mode embedded here in the gameplay let you play with your friends as well as the other players around the globe. This definitely will add more thrill to your gaming experience. Paly with human opponents with this multiplayer mode.

5.     Play online or offline mode

The ability to play the game in the offline mode also a very standout feature that most of the users love. While travelling also you can play this game thanks to this cool feature of Tank Stars.

Install Tank game for your Android.

Install Tank game on Android

Hence, if you also love to play strategic battle games on your mobile then Tank Stars is one of the best to have. Play with your friends and have an endless entertainment with Tank Stars now.

  1. First open “Play Store” application of your Android.
  2. Then select search icon and type “tank stars”. You will see this game on search results.
  3. Select and click on “install”
  4. Enjoy free multiplayer tank game on your Android tablet and Android phone.

For Android devices without play store services can use third-party Android app stores like AC Market or Happymod. Select your App store from below list and use it to download Tank stars apk file.


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