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Matchington Mansion – Home Decor & Matching puzzle game for Android

As we all know there are different genres of gameplays designed for your Android devices. These brings the excitement and entertainment together right at your fingertips. Here we are going to discuss about one of the delightful and a very relaxing game Matchington Mansion.

What is Matchington Mansion?

Matchington Mansion indeed is a very refreshing gameplay. This is a blend of puzzle and creativity for you to explore. The game is about solving match-three puzzle and decorating your mansion. The storyline related to the gameplay is very enjoyable. Here you have to renovate your inherited mansion while solving puzzles, finding mysteries, renovation rooms and etc. It brings a new face to the traditional matching-three genre gameplays for sure.

Features of Matchington Mansion

1.     Match candies in an enjoyable way

Match-three puzzles are the core of this nice gameplay Matchington Mansion. Yu has to match three similar colorful candies in order to proceed through some levels. By matching these candies, you will be able to walk through the renovating path smoothly by earning stars. These may look very simple at the beginning but you may find them bit more challenges when you are proceeding. But indeed, these are fun-filled.

2.     Spend hours by decorating and renovating the mansion

Addition the match-three puzzles you can renovate your mansion the way you want in Matchington Mansion. I am pretty sure that you will loke to spend hours and hours by renovating rooms the way you want. Let your creativity shine by decorating and renovating the mansion by selecting the best furniture, carpets, wall papers and many more. This certainly will help you in adding extra level of enjoyment.

3.     Engage in the fun filled storyline

The storyline related to the gameplay is very interesting. As you proceed through the game you will be able to unlock hidden treasures, rooms and secrets. You will come across some charming characters through out the gameplay. These characters and the secrets will make you more addicted to the gameplay Matchington Mansion.

4.     Use power-ups and boosters strategically

The app is also powered by some special boosters and power-ups. These helps you in making the gameplay more exciting and fun. Use power-ups like bombs and rockets to strategically overcome any challenge you will come across while playing Matchington Mansion. Matchington Mansion is free to play. But there are some in-app purchases if you want to explore more. Also, you can connect the gameplay with the social media platforms allowing you to connect with the world. Hence, if you are ready to relish this fun and excitement filled gameplay Matchington Mansion download it now on your Android mobile. Let your creativity and the skills shine though Matchington Mansion.

Install home decor & matching puzzle Game

home decor & matching puzzle Game

If you love puzzles this is for you. Below shows how to install this game on your Android for free.

  1. First open play store application of your Android.
  2. Then navigate to search and type “Matchington Mansion”.
  3. You will see this application on search results. Select it.
  4. Now select “Install” button to begin installation.

For Android phones and tablets without play store can use ACMarket or Happymod app stores to download apk version of this game for free.


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  1. Bryan Maldonado Avatar
    Bryan Maldonado

    I love all the cool decorations. Endless possibility.

  2. Tiffany Carter Martin Avatar
    Tiffany Carter Martin

    great game to pass the time.

  3. This game really push you into spending money.

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