After a long 25 years since the final episode of the popular beat ’em up series, Playdigious’ Streets of Rage 4 app brings it back. Players in this eagerly awaited sequel must contend with a brand-new crime gang that has taken over the streets and tainted the cops. The only weapons you have to combat this strong force are your fists and your allies. The game has earned numerous accolades and got positive reviews from critics. It was also nominated for the prestigious 2020 Game Awards’ Best Action Game category. The app was released to the app market in the year 2022 and has been updated on a regular basis.

Features of Streets of Rage 4

The application comes with a lot of unique and powerful features. The revised and distinctive fight techniques in Streets of Rage 4 provide a new perspective on the beat ’em up genre. This is one of the game’s most notable aspects. To knock down hordes of adversaries and beat difficult bosses, players will need to master new techniques. The acclaimed developer of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap has also lent the game a nostalgic hand-drawn comic-inspired creative direction that brings to life vibrant animations and eye-catching visual elements that up the ante on gameplay excitement.

Players can also anticipate unlocking up to 5 new, recognizable playable characters in Streets of Rage 4, each with their own special fighting techniques and powers. Players will participate in furious combat to restore order to the streets as they advance through the game’s 12 distinct stages and battle waves of foes. The game features several modes for self-challenge, such as Story mode for an immersive narrative experience, Training mode for skill improvement, Arcade mode for a traditional arcade-style challenge, and more.

The Streets of Rage 4 app also includes a new electro OST (original score), which was composed by renowned musicians like Olivier Derivière and composer Yuzo Koshiro, in addition to improvements to the gameplay and visuals. The powerful music creates the mood for the violent confrontations that players will face throughout the game and contributes to the heart-pounding action. Streets of Rage 4 also features up to 13 alternate retro characters that can be unlocked, hidden retro stages that can be found, and the choice to select Retro Pixel visuals, which recreates the nostalgic appeal of the original games.

Streets of Rage 4’s numerous modes and unlockable content also provide the replay ability for users. From taking on the story mode with diverse characters to honing their abilities in the training mode, players may challenge themselves in a variety of ways. Players can compete with pals in the arcade mode, which offers a vintage arcade-style experience.

Download Street Rage 4 apk

Streets of Rage 4 is the much anticipated follow-up to the legendary beat ’em up series. The game provides both new and seasoned players with an exhilarating and nostalgic experience with its brand-new fight systems, hand-drawn comic-inspired aesthetics, recognizable characters, and electrifying soundtrack.

You can download this game directly from play store and AC Market app store for free. You can also use app stores like Happymod.


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