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FlipOn App

The FlipOn app is a unique application designed behind a very forward and time saving concept. The app was designed by the company FlipOn which is a sustainable urban mobility startup that specializes in transport done through electric modes. The FlipOn app offers a smooth and straightforward experience for its users. Since its release to the app market the application has been amassed over thousands of downloads from all over the world. The app also goes through updates on a regular basis to ensure that users are up to date on the information provided. The FlipOn app consists of a variety of features and functions that are specifically designed to improve app performance and to enhance the user experience.

Features of FlipOn Android App

There are many powerful yet effective features and functions included in the FlipOn app. Among these features the ease of registering on the app is an important feature. The interface of the application is simple to understand and users can easily navigate through the app without facing any difficulties. The attractive color schemes and the animations also appeal to the users and contributes in enhancing user experience and driving more traffic towards the app. Using FlipOn will seem like a breeze. To use the app, you only need to download it, register your phone, and register a credit or debit card. The signup process is simple and quick.

Another noteworthy feature of the FlipOn app is its affordable pricing options. FlipOn makes its services affordable to a variety of users by offering cheap pricing for those services. Scooter rentals start at just €1* with a €0.15* per minute surcharge. In order to ensure that customers are fairly charged for the services they utilize, it is vital to know that rates may fluctuate depending on demand, geography, and season. FlipOn seeks to provide customers a cost-effective and practical solution.

For people interested in becoming franchisees and introducing FlipOn’s scooters to their community, the company also provides intriguing options. Potential franchisees can interact with the FlipOn team and look into the options for growing the FlipOn scooter fleet in their region by visiting FlipOn app. Through this exceptional opportunity, anyone may take part in the movement for sustainable urban mobility and help create a cleaner, more environmentally friendly transportation system in their city.

The FlipOn application also provides users with extra information in a very convenient and understandable way, such as the location of their excursions, the relevant timeline of them, and the applicable cost of the trip. By utilizing the features of the app, users can view the status of these journeys and obtain further information by navigating through the app’s functions.


The FlipOn app is a more greener and efficient option users can resort to in terms of electric modes of transportation. With its smooth registration process, affordable pricing options, opportunities for franchisees and additional advanced features the FlipOn is a must have app on any smartphone. You can download this app for your Android phone using app stores like AC Market, Happymod and Play Store. App stores like AC Market apk and happymod apk does not require any registration like play store to install apps.


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