Reventure is a single player action game for Android. You can install this game and play offline. Instead of playing for same ending, this game offer hundreds of different ending when you start. Lot more interesting to play than you ever thought.

Video Games

Video games have won hearts around the world since its discovery. Studies have revealed that certain video games can improve heart rhythms and mood, which is evidence that they may potentially aid with stress relief. Numerous unrelated research have shown a connection between online games and stress, which is why they have been employed in treatment for more than ten years.

Even though many of our older generations have frowned upon video games, they are indeed one of the very essential ways to avoid stress and anxiety in the modern society. Some of the benefits that come from playing video games include enhanced cognitive skills, increased problem-solving skills and reasoning, increased hand-eye coordination, greater multitasking capacity, quicker and more efficiently decision-making that is required on the spot for the game, enhanced social competence by being involved in large internet communities, and improved visual acuity with more attention to detail.

With all of these benefits embedded, video games also help you to get away from reality and forget the real world’s troubles for a while at least. This also immensely helps one to maintain a positive mental health and sanity. Due to its natural design, adventure games aid youngsters in developing and enhancing their cognitive abilities. Children are required to make decisions as they go through the game’s numerous stages based on the circumstances their character is facing, exactly as in real life. Every choice they make has an effect. Therefore, ‘Reventure’ has been developed to win millions of hearts unlike any other adventure game before.

Reventure Game Play

Depending on your choices, the game has 100 distinct possible outcomes. Choose your route; every choice has a different outcome. You must play the game to find out since there is much suspense in it. With each new game, you evolve rather than the environment around you.

Actually, it does alter, but you’ll have to discover that for yourself. The game includes several unlocked stages, additional playable characters, clues, outfits, visual effects, and more! Numerous hidden details and pop-culture allusions. Magic is also prevalent in the game. Even a seemingly straightforward yet great game like this one costs a lot of money and time to create, yet you can purchase it for only just few dollars.

Time travel, battle royale matches, mimics, permadeath, shotguns, resource collection, base construction, worldwide leader boards, farming, and many more awesome features are just a few of the awesome features. You consider that to be exaggerated? Perhaps, perhaps not. There is just one way to find out. By installing the game and joining the world of adventure right now.

So, hurry and get your hands on the app to enjoy all of these amazing features that will help you have the bets adventure of a lifetime. You can also play with your friends and family for some added fun and excitement on the go. All you got to do is install the app and you can enjoy some adventure at the comfort of your very own fingertips at ease!

Download Reventure Android Game

This is a free offline game that available on Google Play Store, Aptoide TV and AC Market. You can use AC Market app store to install this game for free on any Android phone. Provide automatic updates too. First download and install latest version of AC Market app store and use its search feature to download this game.


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