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Quick Video Recorder

Quick Video Recorder (BVR). The perfect video recorder for your Android. it is free and can download very easily from the App Store you like.

Why you need Quick Video Recorder (BVR)?

Quick Video Recorder (BVR) is a video recorder app that lets you to record anything in a super easy way. Operating the app is very easy and very simple. You only have to open the app on your Android. It begins the recording just in one click. This also can identify as the best camera that shoots all your videos even if the screen is turned off. Or else you can let the app to record the video in background while engaging in some other work. The app is so popular due to this nice feature. If you need to record your day today memorable events very easily then the best choice is to have Quick Video Recorder (BVR with you. Of course, this app records videos of high quality and I am sure you will love the video quality recording by the app.

Features of Quick Video Recorder (BVR)

One of the most important or attractive feature regarding the app is allowing to record in screen off mode also. Unless most of other recorders this can record whatever, you want when the screen is off. Can answer a phone call even while recording. Best for secret recording missions.

As well the other outstanding feature here is it lets you to schedule the video recording very easily. You can set the date, time and duration of your recording very effortlessly. Nothing will be going to miss out thanks to the app. Schedule the recording once you plan something important like a party, trip, presentation etc. No matter if you forget that at the moment. The app definitely remembers it.

The other features of the app include:

  • Let you to record either using the front camera or the rare camera.
  • Either you can enable or disable the shutter sound.
  • If you want you can try preview or if not neglect it by disabling camera preview.
  • You can set the time duration of the video recording also. It seems unlimited recording duration. But this can be changed.
  • This supports well for low light conditions also. The night mode of the camera allows you to have clear videos under backlit conditions.
  • If you want you can activate the flesh or you can activate video stabilizer even.
  • Options to reduce noise and auto focus are some other features available.
  • Easily can choose the storage location including device storage, external SD card and so on.

Finally, I would like to say that this is on e of the best recording apps to record your video in a very realistic manner very easily and simply.

Download Quick Video Recorder for Android

Best Android spy camera application that allows you to secretly record videos while screen is off. Set scheduled video recording and more. Best quick spy Android video recorder. Download this video recorder for free from Google play store. Open Play Store application and search this app. It not click below link using your Android phone.


If you are unable to download this application using play store, you can use alternative app stores like AC Market. AC Market is the best available alternative Android app store for play store.


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  1. I primarily utilize it for discreetly recording concerts without illuminating my screen and causing disturbances. Additionally, it proves useful in some situations.

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