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Malloc Privacy & Security VPN for Android

In this digital era protecting your personal data and privacy has becoming vulnerable. So, all most all of us are searching for shields to protect our online privacy. VPN apps are one such shield you can have in your Androids to safeguard your online privacy. There are plenty of VPN apps in the market. Malloc Privacy & Security VPN lies at the peak among them due to its greater functionality. So, through this article lets explore about this must have tool on your android.

What is Malloc Privacy & Security VPN?

As you already to Malloc Privacy & Security VPN is one of the leading VPN apps that helps you to built a secure tunnel between you and your service providers. Thank to this app you surely can engage in your online activities without being a victim of online scams.

Features of Malloc Privacy & Security VPN

Protect your online privacy

With Malloc Privacy & Security VPN you surely can protect all your personal data including card numbers, passwords, pin numbers, your personal photos, your online activities, the web history and so on. There is no doubt that the app is shielding your personal and valuable data. It blocks all the hackers trying to get you.

Scan your device

The app let you scan your device for any malicious threats and vulnerabilities. By using few taps you can scan your entire device to make it safer from unwanted files and apps.

Know where your data goes

This is one of the cool and an advanced feature the app embraces. Malloc Privacy & Security VPN allow you to monitor all your apps and you can see where these apps send your data. If there is any suspicious receiver sure you can get rid of these data holes.

Know your device better

Thanks to this Malloc Privacy & Security VPN you can now track your devices’ camera and the microphone. You can get to know how long and where your camera and the microphone was used.

Block all your threats

Malloc Privacy & Security VPN actively blocks all the threats trying to attack you including harmful ads, spyware, harmful websites and many more.

No logs

The app will not save any of your data and traffic. You can use the app without any doubts and in a free mind.

The app is free. But there is a pro version with some additional features like microphone muting and antitheft alarm.

Hence, if you want 100% online privacy then this is your go-to-go app. Download Malloc Privacy & Security VPN in your android and enjoy a smooth and protected web surfing.

Install Malloc Android VPN

Malloc VPN

This is a VPN app to provide security and privacy when browsing the internet. You can easily install this app directly from Google play store for free. Open your play store application and go to search and type “malloc”. You will see this application appear on search results. Select and install.

For devices play store can sideload this apk using AC Market app store, Aptoide and Happymod. Choose your favorite Android app store to install this app now.


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