Likee – Short Video Community

Short videos are now becoming viral all over the globe. They have become the leading technique in entertainment and storytelling. There are thousands of short video apps to create and share the videos. Of them Likee – Short Video Community is also playing a leading role. So, through this article I am going to talk about some key features related to this nice and cool app Likee – Short Video Community.

What is Likee – Short Video Community?

Likee – Short Video Community is a foremost platform for creating and sharing short videos. You can create short videos of 15 seconds belonging to many categories including music, comedy, fashion, dance, DIY and so on using this wonderful app.

The Likee – Short Video Community is not only for the video creators but also for you who love to watch short videos. If you want live streaming this is the best app for you. Share your creations and connect smoothly with the world via this wonderful app.

Features of Likee – Short Video Community

Share your creativity with the world

The app Likee – Short Video Community let you create short videos of 15 seconds and allow you to share your creativity with the world. For this purpose, you can use plenty of amazing video effects, editing tools and face filters. Use each and every feature included in the app and let your imagination boost.

Thousands of editing tools

In here you can find different editing tools that definitely helps you in creating a lovely short video. Some of the effects you can find here are; Astral Travel, Face Morph and so on or you can add music, texts, quotes, emojis to make your video more stunning. Moreover, you can add video filters like glitch, vintage, sketch and etc. The app is also equipped with a beauty camera.

Connect with the world

As Likee – Short Video Community let you do live stream you can connect with the world in an instant. Also, you can join with the live streamers worldwide thanks to this cool app. You can find your favorite creators through the app and follow them for more updates. This is also like a chatting app that permits you voice chat and video chats with anyone you like.

Trending Page for viral content

Likee’s trending page shows the most popular and trending videos on the platform. This makes easier for users to discover the latest viral content.

Create your User Profile

In here you can create a personal profile where you can show your uploaded videos, followers, and following. This feature makes it easier for you to connect with your favorite creators. Likee – Short Video Community is a greater platform for you to create your video and to share your thoughts, humor and interests with the world. It has a wide range of features and tools that make it easy to create and share creative and engaging videos. It is also a great platform for discovering new content and connecting with other users. So, download Like – Short Video Community now and enjoy it’s all cool features.

Install Likee on Android

This is a free social media app available for all most all Android devices out there. First try to install this app using Google play store application. If you are unable to install this app using default app store, use third-party Android app stores like AC Market or Happymod to sideload this app.