Human Fall Flat APK

Human Fall Flat APK Free

This is a game type. Actually this is a multiplayer game. We can call this a puzzle game actually. All the players say that it is the funniest game that they have found after a long time. Is that true actually? Yes, it is. You can gain more pleasure from this game. Even if you have more benefits through this game. You could relieve your stress and others all by this game. As well as that your thinking ability might be improved by an app like this.

How you have a brief idea about the kind of app. You can tell what kind of an app this is and even what is the task performed by this type of app. If you haven’t entered this before this is the time to enter the funniest multiplayer game.

Creativity and exploration are the two main skills that are hidden in the above game. Here you have to act like a human in this game. The human is dreaming about puzzles and other places. However it is a very attractive and funny game for all of you.

Then we will focus our attention on the exclusive features of this game. Those may be useful while playing this game after you have downloaded it. What are them?

Human fall flat game apk

Features Human Fall Flat APK

  •  master the wobbly art of parkour
    •  You can do multiple tasks inside this game. Those are like walking, jumping, and climbing. First of all you have to control all these actions in the game.
  • Solve Mind-Bending  puzzles
    • Altogether there are about 11 puzzles here. All of them are very tricky and couldn’t identify them correctly. If you play this game you can try a new path at every moment.
  • Play with more members and friends of yours
    • You won’t feel bored because of this feature. You can add several parties here. You can contact the other strangers too. However we could play with more members. You can play with up to 4 members mainly. It will be a really fantastic activity.
  • Make your character unique
    • You have a certain characteristic in the game. You can be like whatever you liked to be. Along with that you could change your outfit even. Therefore you can make mainly your personality unique here. 

Now I have told you all the main features included here. Those are the things that players attracted to most. If you are a player you know the reality of the game.

There is another important thing that I want to tell you. That is the legal permission of this app. You need not worry. You have all the permission to download this app. And even there is no anything that harms your device like harmful software. I am sure it is free of such types of agents.

Download Human Fall Flat APK Free

Instead of downloading the direct apk file it is always safe to use third party app store. Because it will ensure you will have the latest version and get the correct app. Here I am going to use AC Market app store. If you don’t have this app store click here to download AC Market for Android. Follow below mention steps to install this game for free.

1. Open AC Market app store and go to search.

AC market Search

2. Now type “Human fall”. Below you will see search results appear. Click on it to load game.

Human Fall Flat APK search

3. Now click on Download button.

4. Now you will see popup windows appear like below with “Free Download” button. Click on “Free Download” button. Before actual files start to download it will play video advertisement about 30 or 20 seconds long. Once advertisement done playing click on close button to begin download process.

AC Market Free Download

5. Once download complete AC market will automatically redirect you to installation. That’s all.

If you have Google Play Store click below link to download this game via play store.

Download via Play Store


  1. What is the size of the game?
    The game is about 455 MB sized. 
  1. Who is the developer of the game?
    505 Games Srl offered this game. 
  1. How many downloads has it finished now?
    Now it has performed about 100,000+ downloads. 
  1. Is this totally free for my device?
    You can download the game for free. But you have to pay about 5$ for this game. 
  1. Could I get it on the Google Play Store?
    Yes, you are able to download this game from the google play store. That is the easiest way that one can get it. 
  1. Is that safe for my device?
    Yes, there is no harmful anything contained in this game. Nothing to fear. 

Now you are able to understand the details about this game. If you like to play that game you can do it. But I think certainly you had to play and see the game.


7 responses to “Human Fall Flat APK Free”

  1. This game is amazing, However, multiplayer is laggy

  2. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve been looking for a way to play Human: Fall Flat on my Android device for ages. This APK download link is a lifesaver! Can’t wait to try it out 😃

  3. Who designed this game physics. So awesome.

  4. I laugh really hard when playing this game. Game Physics are on another level.


    1. First download and install latest version of AC Market. Download this game from AC Market.

  6. R. Azmath Avatar
    R. Azmath

    Somewhat challenging game that met so far. But sometimes bit difficult to catch two items together.

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