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Commonly it is the Architect who designs your dream house. If I give you a chance to be the Architect of your dream home, will you agree? Home Design 3D is an app that lets you create and customize your designs and plans. Using this Home Design 3D application, you can now design and remodel your house according to your plans and dreams. You will be able to design the exact design you were dreaming of. Home Design 3D can be introduced as a professional interior design application that helps you experience professional results. Thus, Home Design 3D is the perfect match if you are willing to create, design, or decorate your dream home. With this small application, you will be able to create, design, furnish and decorate the house of your dreams.

Home Design 3D is a professional app offered by Anuman and released on the 21st of November 2014. There are over 10 million user downloads to this application. Awww! Which means there are more than 10 million home designers? Why don’t you be one too?

Features of Home Design 3D

The user can design the floor plan.

  • You can draw the plot in 2D or 3D and design rooms, divide them, divider walls for dining room bathrooms, kitchen, and other basic stuff that should have in a home.
  • You can create corners and also adjust the height and thickness of the walls. This helps you to design the house practically since, as an example, you need a thick wall to your bathroom than the other walls in your house since the water will be absorbed into the walls and they quickly get fusty. Thus, you will be able to design a completely practical home design using this Home Design 3D application. 
  • You can add doors and windows to your house and customize it with fully resizable joinery pieces according to your preferences.

Furnishing and Decorating 

  • You will be able to design and decorate the indoor and outdoor of your house.
  • You will be allowed to choose more than thousands of pieces of Furniture, Accessories, and other decorating items. Moreover, you will be able to customize the decorating styles according to your likes and dislikes.
  • You can also customize and edit objects such as furniture by changing their color, size, altitude, and position.
  • You can duplicate your favorite items by copy-pasting.
  • Besides, there’s an undo option where you can go back whenever you feel the setting does not match.
  • Moreover, you can import pictures as textures and apply those to the place where it matches.

Visualization and visiting your creation

  • Using the brand new photo-realistic 3D rendering function, the user can visualize the house in a real-time 3D manner. Thus, it makes you feel like you are inside your dream house.
  • Through the compass function, you will view how and where the light falls at different times of the day (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night).

Sharing, Importing, and Exporting

  • Home Design 3D provides you the facility to import plans and display them in your project’s background.
  • Since the application is compatible with sharing through cross platforms, you will export your project to other devices and continue in them.
  • There are many hosting services you can share your projects such as One Drive, Dropbox, Email, and many more. Since the app is compatible with cross platforms, you can share your project with anybody without a single doubt.

You can also share your projects with the Home Design 3D community through www.homedesign3d.net

Download Home Design 3D App

Home Design 3D is an offline application where you can design your house of dreams without costing money. There are illustrated tutorials you can follow, and these tutorials will help you design your dream house more perfectly. You can freely download this app from play store.

Download via Play Store

If you are unable to download this app using play store, you can use any third party app store to install this app. For example you can use AC Market or Aptoide. Because there are many Android phones and tabs without play store services.

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