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Facetune2 – Selfie Editor APK

As we all know in common, photo editing has now become a trend. Taking a picture in different poses, stylizing, cutting unwanted areas, changing the backgrounds, changing face poses are simply a combination of editing. However, when it comes to editing, most people think that the specific picture should always be edited through a high quality PC editor. But this amazing mobile application, Facetune2, breaks this decision and proves them wrong by providing the best facilities and functions a photo editor should have.

Facetune2 can be introduced as one of the best photo editing applications, which provides you a next level editing experience and as well as an editing facility through its unique editing features. This is way more comfortable to use a photo editor where you can retouch your selfies and edit them in a more unique way.

The zoom-in facility, which can be said as one of the important facility plays the primary role in editing since it helps the user to edit the specific area very clearly.

Facetune 2 app can also be described as the next generation upgrade of the award winning Facetune Photo Editor since it has upgraded with new facilities such as retouching filters, retouching, and customizable backgrounds, Make up looks, image correction features, and many more. Better try Facetune 2 app to give you the best glowing look with a piece of naturalism as you always wanted.

All you have to do is just swipe and Voila! You can edit your face, add make ups, add filters, add backgrounds, crop, flip, anything you would like to do.

When it comes to editing your face, you can whiten your teeth, remove blemishes, change the tone, give a smooth look to your skin, apply makeup, defocus, adjust lights, and many more within just a few swipes. Can you even believe that you can do all this stuff within one single app?

Features of Facetune 2 you’ll fell in love with

Facetune 2 provides you the most powerful tools for your selfies and pictures where you can retouch your selfies, choose and add any filter you like, blur your background or change the environment of your background (you can add any picture as your background), glam yourself using makeup tools and many more. Yet you can add new clothes to your body and give you a fashionable look.

On the other hand, Facetune 2 also provides many image correction features plus a wide range of high quality beauty filters for different edits and picture styles.

Crop, blur, tune and give your picture the most beautiful look. Change your hair color without dying, change your clothing color and give yourself a fashionable look and see how glowing you are.

Remove zits, pimples, and dark spots in your skin within seconds. Just swipe and vanish them away. All you have to do is tap and swipe.

Make your eyes look perfectly bright and whiten your teeth to give yourself that million dollar smile. Wide your smile within a swipe! Just a single swipe! 

Download Facetune2 APK

Facetune 2 is a quite fascinating photo editing app that has won over 10 million users’ hearts. This fantastic application was offered by Lightricks Ltd and has officially released on the 21st of April 2018. Well, edit your picture, give yourself that glowing look and get that Insta-worthy picture every time!

You can download this app directly from play store. Open play store app and search this app name. You will be able to see this app on search results. If not click below link using your Android phone to open play store download link.

Download via play store

There are many Android devices without play store application. For those devices can use AC Market. Click here to download latest version of AC Market for free. Search this app name on AC Market to install on any Android device.


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