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Download Dead Space APK – Android Game

Horror Sci-Fi Android Game Dead Space is available for download through AC Market. This is truly a graphic rich, featuring hardcore gaming with fantastic audio. Once you start to play this game you will have different experience than playing any other Android game.

Game controls are optimize to use with your touch screen. So no need to have game controllers to master. Graphics on this game is awesome. It reproduced the cinematic horror effects on console games on Android. Fully voice acted stereo sound tracks and movie quality sound effects make you deep attracted this game. Feels like you live in this game.

How to download Dead Space APK

You can download Dead Space from various locations. But this game not available on Google Play Store. This game detached from Google Play store in year 2015. Latest mods of Dead Space has fixed sound issues on latest phones. Please note that this game is from EA and no longer officially available to download. You can download mod version of Dead Space Android apk from several websites. You can find those websites by doing a google search. AC Market App Store also have Dead Space. You can easily download Dead Space from AC market.

Search Dead Space on AC Market

Open AC Market and search “Dead Space”. Just click on the red text appear under your searched text like below.

search dead space on ac market

Download Dead Space Mobile

Now you can see latest version of Dead Space for Android. Click download button to start download.

Dead Space on AC Market

Now Dead Space APK will start to download. In order to see download status go to AC Market home screen and click top right corner download icon like below.

Click download icon on AC Market to see all your downloads

There you can see all your downloads.

Dead Space downloading via AC Market

Install Dead Space

Once download completed click on it to begin installation. You have to enable “Unknown Sources” option for AC Market to install this games. Allowing that security feature will differ with the Android version you have.

Please note that this is not a updating game anymore. You will find many alternative best solutions for this game on play store.

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  1. Neeta singh Avatar
    Neeta singh

    love the graphics, sounds and the intuitive control of the game

  2. Mudit Desai Avatar
    Mudit Desai

    Wow!! really enjoying by playing this game. Very very interesting.

  3. John hernandez Avatar
    John hernandez

    I love this game. Thanks for sharing.

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