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Puzzle games area a great way to have fun by teasing your brains. This is a very exciting game genre to play in your android mobiles while having so much entertainment. No matter who you are you can try this wonderful mind-bending game for your cognitive development. One such great puzzle gaming app to have in your Android is Codewords Paid. Let’s talk about this cool puzzle game through this article.

What is Codewords Paid?

Simply, Codewords Paid is an Android puzzle gaming app that takes the classic word puzzle to a whole new level. The app is very simple as well as very enjoyable. The game puts your wordcraft skills to test in an attractive and an interactive way. Codewords Paid is not just an ordinary puzzle game. it is your gateway to totally challenging words world.

How to play the Codewords Paid

As I already mentioned this deviate from an ordinary crossword puzzle. There are no hints. Instead of the hints you have only the letters. The letters from A to Z have numbered from any number from 1 to 26. But not in an order.

All you have to do here is to guess the number of the respective letter. Then you are done with solving the puzzle. The total grid is visible. If you find any difficulty you can reveal a letter. Though this looks somewhat difficult I am pretty sure that you will love this a lot.

Features of Codewords Paid

Here are some of the features of the app Codewords Paid.

Thousands of puzzles to play

There are about 1000+ different puzzles for you gathered here. Each with its unique difficulty levels.  Select the puzzles matching best with your mood and skills out of lot. There is endless entertainment waiting for you as you proceed through the levels.


The gameplay is very easy to understand and the game control is very easy. Navigation through the gameplay is also very smooth. Moreover, you will not get distracted by annoying ads. As well it can be played in the offline mode also.

Codewords Paid is like a passport to a world of mental stimulation and fun. With its user-friendly features and challenging puzzles, Codewords Paid stands out as the best choice for puzzle fans.

Install Codewords paid

Embrace the challenge, enhance your vocabulary, and party in the satisfaction of revealing each code. Download Codewords Paid now and unlock the door to a world where words are the key to endless entertainment.

You can use google play store to download and install this game. For devices without play store can use AC Market app store or happymod app store.

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