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Chomp SMS – Full featured SMS App

Are looking for full featured SMS app to replace your stock SMS app. Then use Chomp SMS. Does not need to worry thinking that that device you got does not has awesome SMS app like on others. Just install Chomp SMS to get all those features plus more advance features.

Best alternative for stock Android SMS app. You can reply by clicking on notification without opening the app, lock sms app, Schedule messages, reminders, blocking, MMS, support for dual sim and more.

Importance of communication

Communication has been a great deal since the early days. Wit the development of technology, communication has grown from taking days and months to convey letters to calling or texting someone in an absolute remote location in just seconds.

You can be thousand miles away and still communicate with the people you love. Out of all these latest communication methods, texting is our favorite.

One of the primary reasons people find texting preferable is the sense of freedom it provides one with. It allows one to gather thoughts and reply whenever they want to, instead of giving an answer right away. You could be in the middle of something important, or just too tired and exhausted to answer a text. Simply, text later. No hard feelings. Texting is always quick and convenient for everyone.

Texting, otherwise known as an SMS, that stands for short message service is indeed going to make your life easier with the Chomp SMS app designed specially to make your life even more convenient than it already is. You can enjoy an ultra-customized alternative to your Android SMS app now with Chomp SMS.

Features of Chomp SMS

The app comprises of numerous features ranging from

  • Passcode locks
  • Scheduled SMS
  • Birthday reminders
  • Privacy options
  • Pin favorites
  • Block listing
  • Quick replies on popup
  • Multi-select picture options
  • MMS ability
  • dual sim Support
  • etc.

Our SMS’s are always personal, and we do not want anyone snooping around our messages. With Chomp SMS, you can now pit a stop to nosey intruders once and for all.

Passcode locks will allow you to keep intruders away while keeping your messages safe, secure, and personal.

We all know that with the hectic and busy lifestyle everyone seems to be having, being forgetful is indeed fair enough. So, why not let Chomp SMS app do the needful for you? Don’t ever want to forget someone special’s birthday? Or have you ever wanted to text someone later, but actually forgot to text them back later? You can now schedule replies to senders and let Chomp SMS take it over.

The app also provides many cool and exciting emoji styles from, Android, Twitter, iOS, and many more to choose from. So, make your texting much more interesting and fun with the cool sticker range.

You can also block certain annoying individuals from sending you messages and in turn pin your favorite texters on top, so you won’t miss a single SMS from them.

Reply quickly without even visiting the app, all thanks to the pop up widget offered to you. All of these features will make sure to provide you with the best messaging experience you have ever had. Go ahead make your life much easier and more convenient while you enjoy texting like never before.

Install Chomp SMS on Android

You can use default app store, which is Play Store on your Android phone to install this application. If not you can try using AC Market. AC Market is the largest third-party Android app store that offers Android apps and games for free.

First download and install latest version of AC Market. Open it and go to search. Then type “chomp sms”. You will see this application appear on search results. Select it. Now click on “Free Download” to begin installation.


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