Android Blue Light Filter

Blue Light Filter & Night Mode

Is it comfortable to use your mobile during the night? Or is it making your eyes tired? The answer should be yes. We all have experienced that looking at the android screen during the night is stressful to our eyes. It makes our eyes irritable and sometimes causes headaches. So, to overcome this you can have a blue light filter. This indeed helps you in protecting your eyesight no matter how long you are going to stare at your screen. One such app that helps you in comfortable use of the screen at night is Blue Light Filter & Night Mode. Try this and feel the difference.

Why you should have Blue Light Filter & Night Mode-Night Shift?

Having a blue light filter will help you in different aspects.

Make it very easy and comfortable to read at night. This reduces the eye strains and thereby helps you to have a better sleep. As well if you are using this, you can be free from headaches also. Without any difficulty, you will be able to gaze at your screen during the night and also under low-lit conditions.

Hence, if you also want to protect your eyesight then sure you must have this type of app with you. The app Blue Light Filter & Night Mode-Night Shift certainly is very effective in protecting your eyesight and this has no bad effects as well. The app is solely there to make your health better.

Features of Android Blue Light Filter

The app reduces the blue light-emitting by your phone screen. As well the app is equipped with adjustable filter intensity. The screen will be dimly lit through this cool app making it more convenient to use during night and dark. Here you can select the amount you need to make your screen dim-lit.

There are premade blue light filters included in the app. You can own them for free. with these premade filters you can be sure that your eyesight is protected though you are using it in dark.

This tool lets you create your dark and night filters to your taste. Try customizing your dark filter using the options here in the app. You can choose the red, blue, and green light amount you prefer as well as their intensities.

There is an opportunity to customize the color and the temperature. You can set the desired temperature and the intensity.

Use all the features here in the app for free and make your nighttime screen timing healthier and more comfortable with this Blue Light Filter & Night Mode-Night Shift.

Download Android Night Mode app

This app available on Android play store for free download. You can open Play Store application and search this app name. You will see this app appear on search results. Select it and install. If you can’t find this application on play store, just click below download link using your phone.

Download via Play Store

For Android devices without play store can use AC Market application. AC Market has all most all Play Store applications plus apps removed from play store too. First download acmarket application and search for this app.


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