VivaCut unlocked APK

VivaCut APK

The Vivacut can be classified as the best video editor. Using Vivacut there are different types of changes that you could obtained in your video. If you are looking for a background Changer this is an app that you must select definitely. The chroma key and other all VFX effects are the best to work. The app called Vivacut was made especially for the android users. This enable to use the full screen to catch up with the best edits. If you want to create very short videos and short films, the Vivacut apk is the best app for you. If you haven’t chosen it as an essential app in your device, do that now. The app is only about 32 MB in size. While installing it make sure that is the latest version only. Because that version has only the most specific features.

Features of the Vivacut apk

  • Professional video editing apk
    This is a professional video editing app that could make even a professional level Hollywood movie and this can be introduced as the best chroma key video editor. The cinematic video editing features have added an incredible look for the Vivacut app.
  • Addition of more features
    There are many features that can be added when editing videos. Any user could add texts, images, and stickers to the video that is creating.
  • Instant video maker for every media
    Through this apk you can make a small video very easily and quickly to be uploaded in your social media app including face book account even. I am pretty sure that this procedure will only take few minutes. Regardless of the busy lifestyle you can use this amazing app to improve your creativeness.
  • Addition of music
    If there are any favorite items of music present in the library of your device or in any other place, just add them to your own creation here. The ability of adding more items that you prefer has made the performance of the app much better as well as improved than earlier.
  • Multi-layer timeline
    Multi-layer timeline is another specific feature that is included in here. Here the app is framed by frame order. However, that makes the experience of the app much better and developed than earlier.
  • Text styles
    Here the users can use multiple styles of fonts to type anything that you want and the user is totally free to select the font style that they want. Even the users have the total right to select the color they want and other all features that they required.
  • Glitch effects
    There are many more glitch effects that are consistent with the Vivacut app. The user can select his desired effect and can use that one freely.
  • Whole video clip editing
    The whole video clip can be edited by using the features found in the Vivacut app. Crop, trim or apply any other features for the video clip that you are making here. As a well-practiced user, you are able to perform all these works.
  • Saving and sharing
    All videos here can be saved successfully just after creating them by using the Vivacut. Then share the video with any favorite platform like YouTube or Facebook.

The whole description mentioned here is only about the Vivacut best video editing app. There are no other types of app that is similar to the Vivacut. Most of the features here can be enjoyed for free but some of them have to be used by paying.

Download VivaCut Pro APK

VivaCut Pro video editor available for free download on play store too. Click here to download this app via play store. If you do not have have play store you can use third party app stores like AC Market. Below shows how to install this application using AC Market.

First download and install latest version of AC Market. Once done installing AC Market open it and click on search icon.

AC market Search

Now type “VivaCut” and touch on search icon to load search results. Select VivaCut video editor from search results. Select it and go to installation.

Now you can see popup menu like below picture. You have to watch and close video ad to download this app for free. Click on “Free Download”.

AC Market Free Download

You will be automatically redirect to installation once download complete. Enjoy VivaCut unlocked version with full features.


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  1. how to download vivacut app

    1. Use Play store application. Which is default app store of many Android phones

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