Traffic Rider APK

Traffic Rider APK

Another new creation from the creator of traffic racer. When compared with each other’s games, this is a diverse game occurrence. But the users are able to gain enjoyment and simple. Therefore the traffic rider is an endless racing category. This is a whole new level. The traffic rider has an endless racing genre happening. The full carrier mode is the advanced feature. Every user of the traffic rider has an occurrence with the best graphic design.

Features of the traffic rider

  • First-person view
    The traffic rider is a first-person perspective game aka FPP game. You will see the games from the player’s eyes perspective.
  • Multiple motorbikes
    There are over 28 types of motorbikes included in the traffic rider game. The players can choose any kind of motorbike.
  • Real sounds of motorbikes
    Here there are diverse kinds of motorbikes. There are sounds of motorbikes. Those sounds are from real bikes. The sounds are recorded from the real bike sounds.
  • Diverse environments
    There are variations in the environment in this game. The environment will change in the day time and at the night time. Those are the detailed environments.
  • Multiple missions
    There are over 70 missions of various career modes. The users will be entertained along with these missions.
  • Achievements
    There are many online leaderboards. Plus there are over  30 achievements contained on the famous traffic rider.
  • Multiple languages
    People in many countries can play this game. Because this game is supported by over 19 types of languages.
  • Quick means the more scores
    The users can collect more scores until the players play this game quicker.
  • Bonus and cash
    When driving the vehicle over 100 km per hour, the player is near to get more cash and a bonus. Driving in opposite directions gives rewards. And the do wheeling to get the rewards and other items.
  • Endless fun
    There can be endless joy along with playing the game. Your stress will getaway along with enjoyment.
  • Suggestions
    If there would be any changes to make, you will have to suggest to them for the developer team. Definitely they will make changes in the game. The user’s feedback will help to develop the game.
  • User-friendly app
    The procedure of the app is very easy. Every individual in various age groups can understand the process of the game.

Download Traffic Rider APK

Traffic Rider game available on Google play Store. Click here to download this game via Play Store. If you are unable to download this game via play store you can use AC Market to download this game for free. If you does not have AC Market click here to install AC Market.

Open AC Market and click on search bar like on below picture.

AC market Search

Type “Traffic Rider” and click enter. Select the game from search results .

Now click on download button to download traffic rider

Now click on “Free Download” button.

AC Market Free Download

Free download include 20 to 30 seconds long video ad. Close button will appear at the end of video ad. Download will only start if you watch and close that video ad.

This is a popular game among many types of people. The game can be categorized as a racing game. If you haven’t played this game earlier, this is the perfect time to check if it is a better game. If you played it once, surely you will become addicted to this traffic rider. But it is a better game for playing.


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