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Telegram APK

This is an app that provides messaging. You would have used and experienced various messaging apps. Did you notice any difference between those and the telegram? Surely you would have noticed some. Mainly that is the security and the speed both. You can expect more speed from the telegram app. Even that is secured than any other. Those are the two main features. But these are not the limited features of the telegram. That means there are more of them. Then we will see what those are. 


  1. Features of the Telegram apk
    1. Fast
    2. Synced
    3. Unlimited
    4. Secure
    5. Powerful app
    6. Fun
    7. Simple
    8. Privacy
    9. Reliable
    10. Secret chats

Features of the Telegram apk

  • Secured app
  • Fast performance app 
  • Simple app
  • Can sync across throughout all device 
  • Instant messaging service 

Do you know how many users are there for this messaging app? Actually there are about 200 million users. That had been developed within a short period of time. It is about four years. 

  I told you only the single word of its features and the uses. But I can give you the description. 

Telegram Android


Now this is known as the fastest app presence in the world for messaging. From that many people can be connected. You can connect to the data centers in the world. 


That means you could take any message from your device. You don’t have to worry. The device is no matter. You can use either phone, tablet or any other thing. Plus you can type the other half of the message from another device. All your data is secured. 


That means about the type and the sizes of the files. So you can share any of them without consideration. Also, you need not gain any space for that. The telegram space is suitable for that. Even that is enough. 


Also the developers have aimed for the security of the users. So they provide the best security for that. All things will be encrypted. All things mean the chats, photos and other media too. 

Powerful app

As I told you above the file type, size and other things. Also from the group chats you can add up to the 200,000 members. Also there are setting up bots for some tasks. So these are helpful for online activities. 


Other than the messaging there are some other uses of that app. There are some applications in there for video editing and photo editing.


Simple means easy to understand. Especially the interface. That has a clean interface. So also the children can understand the procedure. 


You don’t have to worry about your private details. Some other apps provide your private details to some third parties. 


This app can work in poor conditions. Also it is the only app made for reliability. 

Secret chats

The telegram offers you the secret chats. That can be a step for the protection of your private details. 

FAQs of telegram 

Is that app totally free?
Yes, you can download it for free. 

Are there ads in that app?
No, ads are contained in there. 

Are there any subscription fees?
You don’t need to pay a subscription fee for subscription. 

What is the size of the app?
It is about 19.83 MB sized.

Download Telegram APK

You can download latest version of this messaging app directly from Google Play Store. It is the fastest and easiest way. Click below link to download via Google Play Store.

If you can’t this app on play store or it says incompatible with your device, you can use AC Market to download and install without any restrictions. First download and install AC Market app store. Open and search “Telegram”. In search results you can see this app appears.

Telegram AC Market

Now you can install latest version of this app directly from AC Market without any issue.


5 responses to “Telegram APK”

  1. Switch after WhatsApp and still using it. Love this app. Awesome.

  2. It does not work as intended. Stuck and so many problems.

  3. Riki Toduka Avatar
    Riki Toduka

    I am really satisfied with this app. Best suited for my business communications

  4. Tehan Jain Avatar
    Tehan Jain

    Like the app, but sometimes the download speed of the files are slow. and also I love if the option of video calling is there.

  5. Surely nice app. Its best to have group chats. As I used this for my career works it is really nice. the files do not saved into the gallery or elsewhere memory unless I asked to do so. So I am really happy about this messaging app

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