Smart AudioBook Player Apk

Smart Audio Book Player

Play all your audio books using Smart AudioBook Player for Android. Comes with many useful features when listening to your favorite book. You can manually create list of characters in order to make stories you listen fun and easier to understand. Shows playback history and auto pause on sleep. Best smart audio book playing app for Android.

Importance of Reading Books

Books have been man’s best friend since the early days. Not only does it help gather immense knowledge, but it also keeps one entertained and creative.

Long before television came into play, people loved a good book. Yet again, people still do love to delve into their own gateway of fairy tales while engaging in a book that awakens their imagination.

However, with the development of technology, the world seems to be evolving in a rather rapid phase. Sometimes it may seem impossible to keep up with the modern world. The workload has increased, daily chores have become hectic and exhausting.

It is pretty obvious that time for a good book seems almost impossible in this race. However, the development of technology does have its perks as well. The Smart Audiobook Player app, has proven to be one of the most exemplary development of technology.

Read books for your – Auto book reader

You could be travelling a long way, or stuck at a boring meeting, or a cancelled class or even just in the need of some good entertainment. Smart AudioBook Player is especially designed to play audio books that will help you gain the companionship of a good book no matter where you are.

The features on the app are incredible that it makes the users listen to all of their favorite books at ease and with convenience.

Ever imagined that you could close your eyes and read a book? Well, with smart AudioBook Player, nothing is impossible. You can enjoy a 30 day basic version of all of the features the app has to offer to know you’ve chosen the best.

The app includes Chromecast support, playback speed controls, classification of books so that you know exactly where you dropped off or what you’re reading.

You can also download the covers to all of your favorite books from the internet for that extraordinary look. And guess what? You can manually create characters to the stories your listen to, so it’s super easy to follow the story. The app contains no ads and is dedicated to providing all its users the best audio book experience they have ever had.

So, you no longer have to sullen about not having enough time to spend with your favorite book. You can just start reading, or might I say, listening to your favorite book while travelling home, or to work, or anywhere you please.

You no longer have to carry all those bulky books with you because all you need is your smartphone or android device! you can also create your own folders with the books you listen to so you’re perfectly organized.

So, hurry and start playing all of those wonderful books that you’ve missed out on right here on the Smart AudioBook Player for just absolutely free.

Install AudioBook APK on Android

You can use Android app stores like AC Market to download and install this application for free on any Android device.

First download and install latest version of AC Market apk from here. Go to search and type “audiobook”. You will see this application appear on search results like below picture. Select it.

Now click on “Free Download” to install this application on your Android phone for free.


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    Louis Thompson

    Always use this when I am driving. Best audio book app for my Android player on car.

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