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Simply Guitar – Learn Guitar

The Simply Guitar app by Simply formerly known as Joy Tunes offers guitar learning in a new and simple way to users. The guitar learning app available for all Android devices, offers a unique and simple method for learning guitar.

Main Features of the app

The user-friendly interface of the Simply Guitar app is one of its best qualities. Users can follow each lesson step-by-step using the app’s step-by-step video instructions.

Userss may easily stay motivated and keep learning because the classes are made to be enjoyable and interesting. For novices, the application provides a wide range of instruction, such as how to handle the guitar, fundamental chords, and strumming methods. Users can access increasingly complex topics like fingerpicking, barre chords, and scales as they move through the training.

The interactive gameplay in Simply Guitar is yet another fantastic element offered to users. Users can practice their abilities in a variety of games and challenges on the app in a pleasant and interesting way. Users can take part in virtual jam sessions where they play along with background recordings, or they can play games that test their ability to recognize chords. Users of Simply Guitar can also learn to play a huge selection of tunes. Popular songs from a range of genres, including rock, pop, and country, are available on the app. By watching the app’s video lectures and practicing the necessary chords and techniques, users can learn how to play these songs.

Another important aspect of this app that should be mentioned is that it’s completely affordable and less costly when compared with other app on the market. During the app’s free trial time, users have access to a constrained number of classes and songs. Users have the option to subscribe to the app on a monthly or annual basis after the trial time has ended. Given the high caliber of the app’s content, the membership costs are relatively affordable and provide exceptional value.

A community feature of the Simply Guitar app also enables users to interact with other guitar players from around the world. The software features a forum where users may connect with one another, post updates, and ask questions. This gives the educational process a social component and can be a terrific approach to keep students motivated and interested in the guitar learning process effectively.


Ultimately, the Simply Guitar app is a great resource for anybody who wishes to learn how to play the guitar properly and effectively. The app is an excellent option for novices thanks to its user-friendly layout, dynamic gameplay, and large selection of courses and tunes. The software is a wonderful value for money because it is easily accessible and has a strong sense of community built within it. Whether you’re a complete novice or have some expertise playing guitar, Simply Guitar is definitely worth downloading in your Android or iOS device. The app currently has millions of active users from around the world.

You can download this app using Google play store, AC Market apk or using Happymod apk. Available for free download on those Android app stores. Install and learn to play guitar by yourself.


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