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When we are dealing with the digital world, we need to share some files with someone near us. We may need to share some pictures, videos, Gifs, music and any other file with our friends, family members and with our working colleagues. Or sometimes we need to share some files in our laptop with the mobile or with the tablet. Best app for that is SHAREit APK.

There are so many paths we can follow to share the things. Some of these means are Bluetooth, USB, Superbeam, Xender and so on. But sometimes these paths seem difficult to follow. The time taken to share a file is longer in some situations. If we want to share a folder it will take quite a sometime or else, we cannot share the folder itself. But, now no need to follow those difficulties.

Here is the best option that you can follow. Sharing process becomes very simple and quick with this innovation. The great apk that gives you the superb experience of sharing files is the app “SHAREIT”. Now this app is becoming very popular and over 1.88 billion of android users are using this nice app.


SHAREit, is the ultimate best platform you can have in your android to share your files with anyone else. or between your own laptop and the mobile or with your tablet very easily and fast. This supports any type of file format including picture, videos, ppts, music, etc. The app considers 200 times faster than the traditional file transferring method, Bluetooth. The speed of transferring is also considerably higher with a speed of about 20M/s.

Is sharing files the only service offered?

Of course, not. The app SHAREit can use to watch some online contents like videos, movies, music and so on for Free. It comprises of a powerful media player too which enables you to have a fantastic experience.

Services offered by SHAREit.

  • Sometimes you have to present a presentation in your working place or the educational institute. While delivering the ppt you have to change the slides. Sometimes, to change the slides you may have to buy a remote or otherwise you have to go near your PC and have to click. This process is somewhat difficult to follow in some situations. But, SHAREit app gives you a superb opportunity. That is you can share your PC and the mobile using SHAREit app and then you can change your slides with your mobile. Here your mobile will act as the remote to your PC or the laptop. No need to go near the PC or no need to buy extra remote for the same purpose you can do with SHAREit. So, try this method for making your delivery easy and nice.
  • you can share folders even. To the PC from the mobile or vice versa.
  • It helps you to manage all your videos and audios.
  • You can enjoy thousands of updating videos through this by being online. You can enjoy interesting and trending movies and music through this app. With a superb video and audio quality.
  • In the offline mode also, there are lot more to watch. For your surprise you can get updates about Covid-19 also via the app.
  • Supports more than 45 languages including English, Arabic, Hindi and more.
  • SHAREit is the fastest sharing app in the world so far with so many other benefits offered. The app is of worth of trying in your android also. Hurry and download it in your android too. The download process is also very simple and it is available there in the Google App Store.

Download SHAREit APK

Share it app available on google play store for free download. Open Play Store and search this app. You can freely download and receive future updates for free using play store.

Click here to download via Play Store

If you are unable to download this app via play store, you can use other methods like using a third party app store. Using a app store to download apk has many benefits over installing apk downloaded from web. Here I am using AC Market.

First download and install latest version of AC Market on your Android phone. Now open AC Market and search “shareit”. Select app from search results.

Download and install it for free.

That’s all. Feel free to submit any inquires via email or comments.


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  1. velo douban Avatar
    velo douban

    My all devices use this app to share media content. Support IOS, Android, Windows, MAC and all. #1 sharing app.

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