Ocean Blast is a new match-3 puzzle gaming app by LinkDesks Classic Puzzle Games which was released in December 2021 in to the app market. The game has a distinct ocean theme with cute and beautiful sea creatures such as fish, turtles, crabs, and others. Ocean Blast, with over a thousand levels to explore, provides puzzle game fans with a refreshing and demanding gameplay experience that will leave them wanting more. The app consists of a wide range of special features and functions that were specifically designed to enhance app performance and user experience further.

Gameplay and Features of the app

Ocean Blast’s gameplay is similar to other match-3 games in that players must match at least three comparable objects to clear them from the board. The Ocean Blast app, on the other hand, has some distinguishing qualities that set it apart from other similar games in the app market. Power-ups such as explosives, lightning, and hammers, for example, allow players to clear many things at once or smash the obstacles in their path completely. Players can also gain extra points and win by forming combinations or matching more than three things at once. It should also me noted that this can be played as an offline game also which increases user appeal.

The game consists of a variety of levels and each level includes level objectives to make the game more fun and engaging. This includes gathering objects, breaking blocks, and eliminating bosses. Each level includes a limited number of movements, making it difficult for players to fulfill the objectives before their moves completely run out. Players can gain more movements by finishing bonus levels or by watching selected advertisements. The Ocean Blast app consists of rich and colorful graphics that are one of its strongest features. The game offers attractive sea creatures that are well animated, making it visually engaging for the users. The underwater background and sound elements add to the immersive experience, giving players the impression that they are truly delving into the ocean depths.

The Ocean Blast gaming app can be freely accessed and can be used without an internet connection as well. However, Power-ups and extra moves can be purchased by players to help them complete difficult levels or progress faster through the game. Players can, however, enjoy the game without making any payments, and the game does not require them to make purchases in order to proceed through the stages.

In addition to these features the gameplay of the Ocean Blast app is easy to understand and can be accessed anyone. Clear instructions are provided at the start of a game which makes the overall experience smooth and convenient for all users.


The Ocean Blast Gaming app is an addictive pop matching puzzle game that has been downloaded more than thousands of times so far. With thousands of levels to explore and various level objectives, the app provides an engaging gameplay experience. Download this game from Google play store, Amazon App store, Happymod or AC Market for free.


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