My City : Bank Android Game APK

There are the terms that say my city and the bank both. Is that an app for banking activities? Is that an app that allows you to work from the bank? If it is such a one, that is very easy for you. But this is not a banking app. This is a game actually. What about this game? We will see then. 

My City Bank APK

Actually this is a game that small children can play even. It is recommended for children from 3 years old. If your child wants to get knowledge about the procedure inside a bank, allow him to play this game. This game has developed the same procedure as a bank. 

My City : Bank game play

My city bank APK is same as the local bank in your area. Also, you are allowed to play this game as you wish. That means you can play this in your own way. There are not only banks in this game but also there are other offices too. So that would help you to remember the city. Plus there is a house of the rich bankers too. The rich banker would go to meet his children after the work of the bank. 

What are the most important things about the game? 

My City : Bank Game Play
  • You can create your own in this game 
  • You can create them while the playing game
  • There are hidden treasures and safe in such banks. You can find those things in there 
  • You can operate the photocopy machine
  • You can press the alarm in order to protect the money 
  • You can press the alarm if you have been robbed even. 

Features of the game my city: bank

  • There are many places in the bank. Some of them are as tellers of the bank, bank manager and the banker’s house with all the facilities. 
  • There are robbers and the policeman in the game 
  • You can control the weather conditions of the game. You can make it rain or snow or any condition 
  • Except the above there are hidden places, treasures, and even gifts 
  • You have to pay only one time 
  • After paying once the game will be updated automatically 
  • This is a game that safe for children 

This is the most popular game. Many people loved this game even. Not only elders but also the children. 

FAQs of my city: bank

Do you want to pay for this game?
– yes, you have to pay for once 

Is that recommended for children?   
– yes, if there are no elders even, you can allow the child to play this game. 

What is the download size of that game?
–  it is 58.03 MB.

What would you get by playing this game?
– You would be able to discover and find the procedure that is taking place inside a bank.

For Other devices

For Windows and MAC

My City: Bank for Windows and MAC. Actually there is no separate version of Windows and MAC version right now. However still you can install this game on your laptop. desktop, MAC, iMAC, Macbook using Android emulator. Follow below mention easy steps.

  1. Download and install Bluestack player
  2. Open installed bluestack player
  3. Now that player looks like a Android tablet. Open Google Play store
  4. Search game name and install it like you install games on your phone.

For iPhone or IOS

This game also available on iPhones, iPads and other IOS devices. For that open App Store of your device and search game name or click below link using your IOS device.

Download for iOS

Download My City: Bank APK for Free

If you have Google play Store you can directly download and install this game for free. Click below link if you are willing to download this game via Play Store.

Download via Play Store

If not, you can use AC Market app store to download and install this game for free.

1. Open AC Market App and go to “Search”

AC market Search

2. Type “My City” on search bar. You will see list of My City games appear in search results like below. select correct game result like below

My City Bank AC Market Search

3. Now click on download button.

4. It is show popup menu like below. Click “Free Download” button. Before download begin it will play video advertisement about 30 seconds long. Wait till that video AD ends and click on close button appear.

AC Market Free Download

5. Now AC market will begin downloading My City : Bank Android game for free. Once download complete it will redirect you to installation. Install and enjoy this game.

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