KineMaster Video Editor APK

One of the most popular and best full featured video editor for Android. Do you know there are many popular YouTubers who use KineMaster for Android as the main video editor. It is because of its simplicity and easy to take your Android phone or tablet anywhere you go. No need to carry your heavy computer or laptop with you.

It has many features like multiple video layers, blending modes, voiceovers, transitions, subtitles and many more. Many uses this app to create professional and amazing videos for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

This app is not completely free. There are in-app purchases available. You can download and install this app for free. Even you can create and export your video for free. But kinemaster logo may appear on every video you create till you purchase it.

Features of KineMaster APK

– Multiple layers available to add videos, images, stickers, special effects and many more.
– Can easily reverse videos
– Beautiful effects can be created using blending modes.
– Add your voice, background music and audios.
– Trim, slice and crop any video, audio and image.
– Can create slow motion videos using Android
– Support max video output of 4K 2160p at 30fps

There are many more features packed with this video editing software for Android.

Download and install KineMaster APK

If you have Google Play Store you can easily download and install this app. There are many Android devices that does not have Google Play Store. Click below link to download official version of KineMaster.

For those device they can use AC Market to download latest version of KineMaster APK. Remember KineMaster on AC market is not official.

Open AC Market and search “kinemaster”. You can see “kinemaster – video editor” text appear below in results. Click on it. Click “install” to install KineMaster.

Below shows some screenshots of this application. This is very well designed application to suit for all screen sizes. If you want to connect your phone to a monitor, then this application can resizes to fit your monitor.

Kinemaster screenshots
Kinemaster screenshots

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    • Hi.. Issac
      KineMaster is really a full-featured editor with a whole set of editing tools. This includes video, images, text, cropping, processing, 3D effects and more. KineMaster Mod APK is the Android video editor file that allows you to create some high quality video edits that are otherwise only possible on a computer system.


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