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Homescapes – for Android and PC

Your dream home is just a tap away with Homescapes, an exciting Android app that combines the joys of home renovation with engaging match-3 puzzles. If you’ve ever dreamt of designing and decorating your ideal home, this game is perfect for you. Let’s explore what Homescapes is all about, its fantastic features, and how it can turn your decorating dreams into reality.

What is Homescapes?

Homescapes is a popular mobile game developed by Playrix, available on Android devices. It’s a unique blend of home renovation and puzzle-solving, making it a delightful experience for players of all ages. In the game, you’ll join Austin, the butler, as he returns to his family’s mansion and embarks on a mission to restore its splendour. To achieve this, you’ll need to complete challenging match-3 puzzles and make crucial design decisions to transform the mansion into the home of your dreams.

Features of Homescapes

Homescapes is more than just a mobile game; it’s a delightful escape into the world of interior design and puzzle-solving. With its engaging match-3 gameplay, the satisfaction of transforming a neglected mansion into a dream home, and the charming characters you’ll meet along the way, this Android app offers hours of entertainment. Plus, the frequent updates and in-game events ensure that you’ll always have something new to explore.

1. Engaging Match-3 Puzzles

The core gameplay of Homescapes revolves around solving match-3 puzzles. Swap and match pieces to clear levels and earn stars, which you can use to progress in the renovation process.

2. Renovate and Decorate

Your main goal in Homescapes is to renovate and decorate different areas of the mansion. You get to decide how rooms should look and which furniture and decor items to use, providing a personalized touch to your virtual home.

3. Meet Colourful Characters

Throughout the game, you’ll meet various characters, each with their unique personalities. Interact with them, hear their stories, and build relationships as you progress.

4. Unlock Exciting Areas

As you complete levels and earn stars, you’ll unlock new rooms and areas within the mansion to renovate. Each section offers fresh challenges and opportunities for creativity.

5. Use Power-Ups

Homescapes offers power-ups and boosters to help you conquer challenging levels. These special items can clear obstacles, create explosions, and make puzzle-solving more enjoyable.

6. Enjoy a Captivating Storyline

The game features a heartwarming storyline centred around Austin and his family. Follow their journey as they restore the mansion and uncover its secrets.

7. Participate in In-Game Events

Homescapes frequently hosts special events and challenges that allow you to earn rewards and bonuses. These events keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Install Homescapes on Android

So, if you’re looking for a fun and creative way to relax, Homescapes is the perfect choice. Dive into the world of home renovation, solve puzzles, and make your dream home a reality – all from the palm of your hand. Download Homescapes on your Android device today using your favorite Android app store. This app available for free download on Play Store, AC Market, Aptoide and Happymod. You can use any of these Android app stores to download this awesome game.

Install Homescapes on PC

Now you can play this game on any Windows Laptop or PC running Windows 10 or above for free. First download and install Google play games app from official website and search this game. Select and install.

Homescapes PC


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