Farming Simulator 18 apk

Farming Simulator 18 apk

For all those who love to run your own farm, tending to crops, and raising livestock, “Farming Simulator 18” is the perfect Android app to get that experience. This Farming simulator game offers a farming experience with realistic tractors, multiple crops to cultivate, livestock to care for and more.

Below discussed only few features of this app. You can download and install this awesome game using default app store or using third-party app stores like AC Market or Happymod app stores. Use your favourite app store and install this game on your phone and find all the features.

Features of Farming Simulator 18 apk

Realistic Machinery

In “Farming Simulator 18,” players get to operate some of the biggest and most recognizable agricultural machines from top manufacturers. From iconic tractors to sturdy trucks, this game lets you handle every tool that real-life farmers use to work the land. The attention to detail in the machinery ensures that you feel like a farmer, navigating your way through the fields with ease.

Cultivate and Harvest Six Different Crops

Get ready to sow the seeds of success as you plant and harvest six different crops. Experience the joys of farming as you cultivate fields of wheat, canola, corn, sugar beet, potatoes, and sunflowers. Each crop presents unique challenges, and you’ll need to plan your planting and harvesting seasons strategically to maximize your profits.

Livestock Management

Running a successful farm goes beyond just crops; it’s also about raising and caring for livestock. In this simulator, you have the opportunity to breed and nurture pigs, cows, and sheep. Treat them well, feed them properly, and in return, they’ll provide you with valuable resources like pork, milk, and wool that you can sell for a profit.


Transporting bales and wood becomes a breeze with the introduction of new front loader attachments in “Farming Simulator 18.” These handy tools expand your options, making it easier to move goods around your farm efficiently. With the right equipment, you’ll be able to tackle transportation tasks like a pro.

Harvest Wood and Profit from Timber Sales

Your agricultural endeavors aren’t limited to just crops and livestock. The app also lets you venture into the forestry industry. With dedicated machinery, you can harvest wood from your own forests and sell timber for additional revenue. This adds another dimension to your farming and offers a unique experience within the simulator.

Local Multiplayer Mode

Farming is always better with friends! “Farming Simulator 18” enables players to connect with friends through local multiplayer mode via WiFi or Bluetooth. Collaborate, compete, or simply enjoy farming together as you share the joys and challenges of running your virtual farms.


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