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Electrical Calculations – Android App

If you need to do electrical calculations often then this is the app for you. one of the must have app on your Android if you are dealing with ohms, watts, voltage, amperes and so on. Before introducing this nice app, Electrical Calculations to the world, it was very difficult to find an accurate calculator for the electrical sector. But thanks to this nice tool now you can calculate any complex operation very easily.

What is Electrical Calculations?

If you are a student, or a worker under electric field then I am sure you do want this type of a calculator to calculate your electrical sums. This can identify as the best and the easiest way to do your calculations.  Normally in the normal scientific calculator we cannot find electrical calculation techniques. For that you must own an electrical calculator. With this app this makes us very easy. We have to pay a small amount and you can host it on all your Android devices. No need to have an additional device with you. As well whenever you want the electrical calculator is with you. you will never be going to miss it!!

What you can do using Electrical Calculations?

There are many things or calculations that you can do using the app. Some of them are as below:

Some main or basic electronic calculation can do using this. These calculations include Current, Voltage, Wire size, Resistance, Operating power, Impedance, Power factor corrections and beyond.

Plus, you can do some all most all electronic calculations as well through the app. To name few such electronic calculations Battery life, Resistance, Current divider, Voltage divider, Fuses, Zener diode and so on.

Moreover, using the app you also can carry out calculations related to motors. There you can calculate Efficiency, Motor Speed, Maximum torque, Full load current, Motor slip and etc.

The other important calculation or the sum you can work out is conversions. Normally we have to convert between some units when we are dealing with sums.  Here you can convert the parameters like Temperature, Pressure, Voltage, Torque and much more.

If you want to know some of the resources related to Electricity then you can have access to these resources also through the app. Some of these resources you can have access includes Standard resistor values, Tripping curves, table of sensitivity, Thermo couple and Wiring color codes, Dimensions and weight table and beyond. You will feel very comfortable in your calculations if you have this Electrical Calculations app with you. I am sure this will help a lot in all your educational and the carrier purposes.

Download Electrical Calculations app for your Android

If your Android phone or Tablet support Google services, then installation is very simple. Open Google play store application and search this app name. If not click below link using your Android phone to open play store download link.

Download via play store

There are many Android phones without google services or play store application. For those devices you can use AC Market or Aptoide. Those are the main available app stores your can find this app.


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