Cut the Rope – logic puzzles series Game for Android

The immense world of Android gaming apps there is one more interesting gaming app to add on your library. Om-Nom, the small little green color creature that captures your heart is the star of this game Cut the Rope. The game is downloading all around the world due to its incredible features. Hence, I invite you to read this article to have an idea about this nice and cool gaming app Cut the Rope.

What is Cut the Rope?

Cut the Rope, this is surely an addictive and a captivate gameplay to play on your Android devices. This is a physics-based Puzzle game. The gameplay is very simple but yet very attractive.

All you have to do is to treat your cute little Om-Nom with candies. Cut the ropes hanging the candy and direct them to the Om-Nom’s small mouth. This looks so simply but I am pretty sure you will love this gameplay a lot once you start playing.

Features of Cut the Rope

Striking graphics

This is the first feature we come across when we open the game Cut the Rope. The cute little green color Om-Nom is adorable. It has big eyes but very expressive. You will really try hard to treat him the sweet candies due to its adorability. Though the characters appearing here are very simple but very gorgeous.

Challenging puzzles

There are so many levels of the gameplay Cut the Rope. When you are proceeding through these levels you will find them challenging. Higher levels many need some creative thinking, strategical moves and they will surely become more intricate. Each level is unique and challenging in its own way. the newly introducing elements will keep you engaging and fresh through all the levels.

Intuitive gameplay

This is also one of the features that the players love. You can easily understand how the game is proceeding. Cut the ropes that hangs the Candies strategically. Make them bounce, float and swing. Make sure the Om-Nom is receiving the Candies.

Regular updates

Regular updates related to Cut the Rope will definitely makes you more addictive towards the gameplay. You will find new levels, new gameplay mechanisms and also new challenges to fulfil. If you are a long-term player, you are in treat.

So, if you also like to feed the little Om-Nom the sweet candies and make him happy then download Cut the Rope gameplay on your Android now. It is guaranteed that you will never be get disappointed about the game Cut the Rope. Make your leisure time relaxing and creative. The adorable little Om-Nom will certainly touch your heart and you will never be bored if you have Cut the Rope with you.

Install Cut the rope Game

Install Cut the rope apk

This is a free logic puzzles game available on Google play store for majority of Android devices out their. First try to install this game using play store or default app store. Then you can sideload this game using your favorite Android app store like AC Market or happymod. Using a popular Android app store like AC Market, will guarantee latest version and future updates.

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