asphalt 8 apk free

Asphalt 8 APK Free

Asphalt 8 APK is a popular game for people who like racing games much more. This has been made especially for the racing games lovers only. There are many more hottest and newest features included in the Asphalt 8 apk. Actually those are like the dream machines that have been created so far. There are many more types of vehicles such as cars as well as motorbikes. However, the game can be played at a very better level.  There are more types of features introduced with the latest version of the Asphalt 8 apk.

Features of the Asphalt 8 apk

  • Challenges and enjoy
    Both of the factors are present in this Asphalt 8 apk. There are more challenges included in this Asphalt 8 apk. And enjoy all the movements in this popular game. Surely the player would be transferred into a sight that is full of much more enjoyable as well as the excitements. The all above things are much more new features for each and every user.
  • Realistic vehicles
    There are motorbikes as well as cars contained here. These are not normal cars but also those used for racing. Approximately there are over 220 types of cars and other vehicles here. Those all things are for pushing beyond all the restrictions and the limits. Some of those top racing models of vehicles are Lamborghini Veneno and Ferrari LaFerrari.
  • High fidelity motor sounds
    All those sounds provided by here in this game are realistic sounds. Those are recorded by the real vehicles. That is for the realistic audio immersion mainly. Those all features make a path to create your experience highly customized. That is the outcome of all these customized features.
  • More performance with the Asphalt 8 apk
    There are many actions that can be performed with the game. The performance can be made due to these advanced features here. Your car or the motorbike whatever the vehicle can be reached to very high speed. By maximizing the speed at that level, the player can reach up to his goal at a very high speed.
  • New locations
    The players will meet such types of multiple locations while playing this game. There are 40 types of high-speed tracks in the game. And access more types of settings to turn your race into a desert, Iceland, or any other region.
  • Plenty of shortcuts
    There are more types of shortcuts present here. Those shortcuts will help the player to reach the destination within a short period of time. And even it is helping to become the winner of the competition.
  • Multiplayer experience
    Here the player can enjoy with more other players in the same game. For each of the games, about 8 players can be teamed up. The specialty here is the, all those players are real players in the game. However, your gaming experience will become funnier. By that, you can compare your own scores with the others who are involved in the game. Finally, share your skills with the others by these achievements here.
  • Requirements for play the game
    Each and every player that plays this game should have a device along with the android version of 4.4 and upwards. If you don’t have such a device, you can’t play this game.
  • In-app purchases
    To experience some more features the players have to pay. That is about 4$.
  • Customize features
    While playing this game the users can access the settings and tools here. By that, the player can make the game more customizable.

Download Asphalt 8 APK

You can freely download and enjoy this game via Google Play Store. Click below link to download this game via play store.

Download via play store

If you Android device does not support play store services, still you can install this app using third party app stores like Aptoide or AC Market. You can download Asphalt 8 from AC Market. Downloading this game via AC Market ensures you will get future updates for free. Below listed some of the features and changes added with recent updates.

  • There are more special events
  • More rewards can be obtained
  • The issues have fixed

If you does not have AC Market installed on your Android phone click here to download latest version of AC Market. Then open AC Market and click on search area.

AC market Search

Now type “Ashphalt” and press enter. Select the game from search results.

Click on download button to begin download process.

Now click on “Free Download” button.

AC Market Free Download

Free download include 20 to 30 seconds longs video ad. App download will start after closing that ad. Enjoy free shopping mod of this game using AC Market.


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  1. Racing is fun. It takes considerable amount of time to get nice cars and complete levels.

  2. Pukar guru Avatar
    Pukar guru

    Nice game i love it

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