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Amazon app store

You can download official Amazon App Store Apk file from below download link. Make sure to visit below link using your Android phone.

Name:Amazon app Store
Size:15.14 MB
Category:Android App Market
Requirement:Android 4.0 and up
Last Updated:12 August, 2021

Amazon app store is a creation by Amazon corp. Especially this is for android. Amazon app store was opened in 2011. Now it has spread over 200 countries. The Amazon app store is also compatible with the android Fire OS. Also, this is a popular app among many people because many people use it. Then we will see what are those more popular reasons to use the Amazon play store. You can get one day or two-day shipping with Amazon.

The most specific feature is the free app per day. That means every day a single app will be provided by the Amazon app store for free download. Most of the time it is a game. As the initial step amazon app store offers the game angry birds, Rio. Another important feature is the test drive feature. You can understand it by the word. You are allowed for a test drive for half an hour. Every app doesn’t support this. With that the model-free to play developed too. 

Amazon App Store Screenshots.

Amazon App Store
Amazon App Store
Amazon App Store
Amazon App Store APK

Amazon Coins

The next significant character is amazon coins. This can be known as a paying method of apps and games. So this is a user-friendly app. I think you have already used this you need not know the details. Or else if you would like to use this one these details will be a help for you. Can you guess how many applications are there in the Amazon store at the end of 2019??? 

Approximately 490, 000 of them. 

Also here there are some popular and most used apps contained in the Google Play Store as well as in the apple app store. Here they offer like the apps Facebook lite, Instagram and the messenger kids.

Apple vs Amazon

Apple is against this name. Because of the similarity of the name. Apple and Amazon. That is not a personal matter but it is associated with the trademark of them. But Amazon didn’t try to harm the trademark of the apple too. However, the amazon app store has reached the top level. When starting this store it had only about 4000 apps. Within a short period of time, they achieved a very hard objective. 

There is another important thing. That is the IGTV. It means Instagram TV. Finally, You can’t download it separately. I have to tell you if you don’t try it until now please try it. You will find more varieties of applications out there. 


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  1. Cliff Stobe Avatar
    Cliff Stobe

    Brilliant app store. Love it

  2. Alex Condor Avatar
    Alex Condor

    Like Amazons ample other products this also works nicely.

  3. Ronald Roy Avatar
    Ronald Roy

    If you are looking to download Android apps from official developer without using Play Store. Then this is the store you want. Just like Galaxy Store. verified and trusted Android App Store

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