Alight Motion APK

Are you interested in editing your videos and animations? Or do you like to enjoy your free time by editing a video? Then here is the best apk you can have in your android phones and tablets. This apk Alight Motion is FREE. You can download it in your phone very easily.

What is Alight Motion APK?

Alight Motion Apk is a video and animation editing apk that you can have in your android smartphones and tablets. You will be able to bring your creative ideas to your videos. You can create your own video through this. Can edit a video to present to your lover or a friend even by adding some native characters to the video. It will be very fun for you to edit videos and animations using this nice tool. So, hurry and download this in your android now!!

It carries professional visual effects, motion graphics, video composting and video editing.

Features of Alight Motion APK

  • Very easy to edit- editing of videos is not a stressful activity if you are using this Alight Motion. You can edit any video simply through this. Only few minutes are taken to edit a video in way that is very attractive and also creative.
  • With this apk you will be able to create videos just like a professional video editor. The output from the videos and the animations are with super quality.
  • You can drag any video in your android store to this and can open it. There are various timelines included here for that purpose. There are different time lines for images, videos and animations making it very easy to carry out your work. You can export any form of files to here including PNG images, regular videos, Gif images etc. That means you can edit any video in your device without any hesitation. With the exported items you can develop new gorgeous projects here.
  • The Alight Motion supports multiple layers of audio, video and animations to have a better experience of editing.
  • There is more than 100+ customizable effects that you can add to your creations making the creations different from one to another. Can add a deviation to each and every video editing by you.
  • In here you are granted with the opportunity to edit vector graphics also.
  • The apk includes editing effects such as color effects, color fill effects like solid fill or gradient fill and boarder and shadow effects. Through all these you will be able to create a nice professional looking video or a graphic motion or an animation.
  • You can save your favorite editing tools separately. There you will be able to use those very easily in the future projects. Or else you can create your own timelines here.
  • This is really a very useful apk that you can have in your android in this digital world. It will surely will lead to improve your creativity as well. Can have lot of fun too with this Alight Motion Apk

Download Alight Motion App

Alight Motion app available for free download via Google Play Store. If you have play store services you can easily download it from play store app. Use below download link to download this awesome app via play store.

Download via play store

If you does not have play store app, you can use any other third-party app store like AC Market or Aptoide. To download this app via AC Market click below link. Download using AC Market.

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