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AC Market

You already read the article headline. You may notice few words like APK, Download free. What the heck is that. Yep sometimes things happen.

What is AC Market?

AC Market is a Android App store just like Google Play Store. Then why another app store when we already have a one. There are many reasons for that. I will go one by one with each paragraph below.

There are millions of devices that run Android and does not have Google play store app. For example Huawei, Amazon device and many more. So those devices does not have official Google play Store. As a result they have option to go with any third party Android appstore like Amazon Store, Samsung app store, Aptoide , AC Market and many more.

Everyday many of the Android apps and games get banned from play store due to copyright issues and not meeting their standards. Some apps are really bad and some are awesome. Don’t know why the got banned. So there are many Android apps and games that are not on play store with huge popularity. Third party appstores like AC market have those apps and games. People still want to have those apps on their device and keep them updated they use third party App store.

As you know there are some apps not available for your region or device. For example PS4 remote app available for xperia devices. Now sony decided to make that app available for all the devices. How ever people who want to access those restricted apps they tends to use those app stores.

Free Download

Above discussed only few major reasons why third party app stores are used. Do they free. Yes absolutely. AC Market is a completely free Android App store. You can download any app or game you want for free. If you are ask to pay or register to download and install AC Market please avoid it. Go ahead and download AC Market from official website. Click here to download latest official AC market app.

No registration or login required to download and install apps and game come with AC market. You can just download and install. Any app you download and install from AC Market have the ability auto update them. So no need to re-download and install those third party apps when their is a update available. have fun.

What is APK ?

APK is the file type of Android. just like exe on Windows. When you want to download Android app apart from Play Store people tends to search it as AC Market apk. Because adding APK to end of Android app or game name make better results on Google search.


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  1. Interesting App, woks well on my Amazon TV. Provide many Apps that are really interesting.

  2. Thanks dude. Great app store.

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