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  • Crossword Puzzle – word game to improve your brain

    Crossword Puzzle – word game to improve your brain

    There are different types of gameplays you can choose for your Android to have fun and adventures. Of them some of us like to play Puzzle games. These Puzzle games surely takes you to an exciting world full of challenges and fun. Crossword Puzzle is also one such Puzzle game now becoming popular all around…

  • Brain Training – Logic Puzzles

    Brain Training – Logic Puzzles

    Best IQ challenges game for Android. Improve your brain capabilities using the brain Training Game for Android. Contain thousands of logic puzzles and more. Support all most all Android phones. Does not require large storage space. This is an lite weight simple Android IQ game that work smoothly on all most all Android phones. For…

  • Brain Training Game – Elevate

    Brain Training Game – Elevate

    If you want to elevate your brain performance then you can do it by using an amazing gaming app. That is the app Elevate Brain Training Games. This is exclusively to develop your brains cognitive skills. The users of this marvelous app find it very important. So, you also should try this nice tool in…