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My Screen Recorder APK

Ever wanted to record your screen of the Android? Was it a dream forever? Or did not find the correct app still? Then for you friends, here is the best app. Screen Recorder & Video Capture app My Video Recorder. Wonderful app to capture all the things on your Android screen very easily.

Why we need a screen recorder?

I think screen recorder is of higher importance to most of us including me. Sometimes when I browse the internet for some educational purposes, most of the time I cannot download all the things I need. Because some websites do not allow to download the content. So, at that time I used to take some screen shots until I find this nice tool for screen recording. With this tool I am finding it is very easier than taking the screen shots one by one. This app records all the things that I need. It makes me very comfortable.

Likewise, I know that there are some occasions where you also may think that screen recording option is need. Sometimes you may want to record a video call with your loved ones who are far way from you. sometimes you want to show this call for the other ones who are not around at that moment. Then simple. Use this screen recorder to record your call. Save your favorite video call with your loved ones very easily with the screen recorder.

Moreover, sometimes we used to watch some videos through our Androids, some live shows, some visuals and etc. Most of the time we like to watch some of these pieces again and again. So, with the use of this screen recorder you can record your all-favorite programs, songs, live shows etc. and watch again and again.

Plus, if you want to capture the best moments of your favorite gameplay then you can do so using this cool app. You can record all the videos including audios too.

Features of the Android Screen Recorder

Sometimes we need a different device to capture something running in our Android. but thanks to this app your can capture the needed event on your Android itself without using any other aid.

The capturing videos are of high quality too. Not only videos you also can take screen shots using this nice app.

To use this no need a root, watermark or there is no time limit also. You can record any program of any length with this tool. Also can share your recordings with others too.

The app is free and can download from any app store you like including AC Market, Aptoide, Google Play Store. Clean Master Apk will definitely help you with the smooth and optimum functionality of the app and your Android.


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  1. Rod Weltzin Avatar
    Rod Weltzin

    Finally a working screen recording app.

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