StoryBeat – Add Music to Videos and Photos

TikTok is the mostly used app to add music for their videos. Is there anyway to add nice music to your own videos and photos like on many social media videos. Use Storybeat to create nice music stories for Instagram stories, Facebook, Snapchat and more.

You can use inbuilt filters, effects, presets, animated texts, fonts and stickers make your video or photo story more attractive and professional. Best Android app add music, filters and more to your videos and photos.

How to create awesome stories

We all love telling stories don’t we? From our very little days when our parents used to read stories to us, to the day we start reading our own stories, and sometimes even creating them, we’ve come a long way.

People love stories because it allows one to share information while establishing an emotional connection with one another. It helps make the information more memorable and special.

Don’t we all remember some significant stories from when we were little? Of course, we do. This helps one to connect with the information deeply. Making stories require a ton of emotion, skill, and also special talents.

Studies have shown that stories help in cultivating an emotional sense of connection between one another and also releases oxytocin, a hormone that makes the audience feel like they’re truly a part of the story. And with the Storybeat app, you can now prove to yourself and the world, what an amazing story maker you are!

You can put all your skills into perfect use and create wonderful stories with exciting music to your videos and photos with Storybeat. You can also share them on ocial media to flaunt all those amazing stories.

Features of StoryBeat APK

The features on the app will guarantee to provide you with nothing but the best and make the most out of all your photos and videos.

You can choose the exact kind of music that suits your story with huge range available on the music library. You can even record your own voice and sound over your story to make it even more memorable and personal.

The app comprises of a range of designs to choose from. Animated Templates, Collages, Sliders, Themes such as polaroid, retro, moodboard, Nordic, journal, and many more to choose from. Your story will look super special and artistic with all of the features Storybeat has to offer.

You can even sync all of your favorite photos into the latest music trends available on the app and make your stories super trending. The editing tools available on the app are exceptionally professional and will make your videos and photos beat to the music! Start creating beautiful and mesmerizing stories to all types of music and trends right here on the Storybeat app.

You can even automatically create super exciting movies with your photos just by selecting the pictures you want in your story and adding music. Go ahead and share them on Instagram, snapchat, tiktok and all other platforms where you can showcase your amazing talents in seconds.

Making stories has never been this easy. Embellish all your photos and videos with some extraordinary stories and make every occasion and event memorable like never before. Hurry and start getting creative with your stories with Storybeat.

How to download and install Storybeat

This application available on Google play store for all Android devices. First try to install this application using play store before trying other methods. Open Play Store application and go to search. Then type “Storybeat”. If you see this application on search results, go ahead and install. If not try below method.

This application available for free download on “AC Market”. First download and install AC Market apk.  Now open AC Market app store. No need to register or login like on Play Store. Once you install this app store, you can start installing apps and games for free. Go to search and type this application name on AC Market. You will see this application appear on search results like below picture.

Select it and click on “Free Download” button to begin installation. That’s all.

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