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This is one of the fastest methods to connect with your speakers. Actually that is not like connecting. Therefore it brings your brain to the speakers. That is even a good entertainment mode. You can save more things on your device. Some of them are like music projects. The device does not matter much. That can be a tablet or an android phone. From here you allowed for many tasks. Some of them are as,

  • Recording 
  • Mixing 
  • Editing 
  • Recording 

These above are for the complete songs. This is not only a normal app. Because there are more special features of the above. Now we have to see what are those features of the above studio mobile. 

FL Studio Mobile for Android

Features of the FL Studio Android app

  • You could find there are drum kits of high quality. And also the sliced loop beats. 
  • You could find an unlimited range of applications. Mainly these all applications will help to enhance your music features. 
  • Here you could use the step sequencer for the fast percussion program 
  • There are piano keyboards and drum pads that are configurable. 
  • You can play the instruments 
  • You would able to link to the sliders
  • You are able to import or export the files. No matter if those are multi-track or else single track 
  • Allow recording of the audios. 
  • The presence of the mixer 
  • Presence of the piano roll editor. That allows for the entering of notes and chords. Other than them it may help to edit the previously recorded items 
  • Also, this is eligible to work with all sizes and the resolutions of the screens 
  • You could load the songs. After saving it. 
  • You can send the favorites ones of yours to FLAC, WAV and MP3. 
  • You can upload your projects from the FL Studio mobile. 
  • Also you could share your files with the other android or iOS through the WiFi networks. 
  • It has the chrome book support 
  • Full-screen DeX

Those above are the main features you could obtain by the installation of the FL studio mobile. 

FL Studio Mobile for Android

Mainly there are two types of the above. Actually those are two types of instruments. Those areas the,

  • Transistor bass synth
  • Groove machine synth 

There are various types of models included here too. Some of them are as, 

  • Direct wave sampler 
  • Minisynth
  • SuperSaw

The above app wasn’t compatible with the devices that are with custom ROMs.

 Except for the above features we could see new features added for this. 

New features of the FL Studio APK

  • Presence of the backup. You could use the Google drive and one drive both
  • Sample stretch
  • Cut groups for drum tracks

Download FL Studio Mobile for Free

Fastest and easiest way to download this app is by using Google Play Store. But you have to pay in order to download. Click here to download via Google Play Store.

You can download this app for free using AC Market. AC Market has the FL Studio Mobile free Mod version. If you does not have AC market installed on your Android phone or tablet click here to install latest version of AC market for free.

1. Open AC market and click on Search.

AC market Search

2. Type “fl studio” and select app from search results.

FL Studio Mobile APK search on AC Market

3. Click “Download” button to download and install this app for free.

FL Studio Mobile AC Market

FAQs of FL studio mobile

  1. Is that a free app? 

  No, you have to buy that app. That is about 12$ – 13 $. 

  1. What is the size of that app? 

     That is about 228 MB in size. 

Then we will see the ideas of the users. That is very important. 

User’s Opinion about this app

  They said that this is a really amazing app. Most of the people had made the tracks of their own by this app. You have to spend more time with this app. Then only you could understand what’s going on. 

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Jude Dorphin
Jude Dorphin
2 months ago

Great app, easy and simple to create songs